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Meet Dr. Meena Singh

Dr. Meena Singh is a board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, specializing in hair restoration and hair transplant practices. 

She attended Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic for Dermatology residency, and a highly competitive hair restoration fellowship at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. 


Dr. Singh has been on the cover of The New York Times and featured on the TLC show Bad Hair Day. She has numerous publications including a hair transplant textbook and in the New England Journal of Medicine. 


Areas of Expertise

Dr. Meena Singh trained at the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery under world-renowned surgeon Dr. Marc Avram. Having practiced dermatology and hair restoration in both Kansas City and New York for more than 10 years, Dr. Singh is highly specialized in all areas of hair transplantation techniques.

Techniques such as strip excision and follicular unit extraction

Scarring and non-scarring alopecia 

PRP, topical treatments, oral medication, and laser devices

Chemotherapy treatments causing hair loss

Special considerations for skin of color 

Restoration for over-tweezed or naturally sparse eyebrows

Other types of scarring and non-scarring hair loss other than alopecia

Practice Areas

Top Recomended Products

Dr. Singh's Recomendations

KMC Hair Center creates individualized hair restoration plans, many times over-the-counter products are recomended in personalized plans. 

Check out the list of Dr. Singh's favorite hair restoration products that can be purchased with out a perscription.

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