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Personalized Hair Restoration

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Dr. Meena Singh

I got into hair loss because I realized it was one of the predominant reasons individuals seek dermatologic care. It can be considered a normal variance of life, but for some, it can be quite devastating. Often hair loss is not taken seriously or is considered cosmetic but it can really affect an individual's quality of life. I feel honored to address and resolve these issues for my patients.

Individualized Hair Restoration

Dr. Singh is a board-certified dermatologist, specializing in hair restoration. She looks at the total patient and addresses any medical causes for hair loss before starting a restoration plan. Each patient and their hair loss is unique and an individualized hair restoration plan will be created.

Dr. Singh is a Harvard trained surgeon. She was selected as a fellow for the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery and is now a member. As a highly specialized hair restoration expert, Dr. Singh's training and education sets her apart.

KMC Hair Center provides PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma treatments) with each hair transplant in order to give the patient the best possible results.

KMC Hair Center does not do mega-grafting. The results are not as good, as the extracted hair can only live so long.

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