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I was blown away on how fantastic my experience was. Ryan and Dr. Meena Singh are quite the duo! Dr. Meena got my hair back, and Ryan walked me right through everything. Both of them changed my life! Thanks can’t thank them enough!


I was referred to Dr. Singh for alopecia. I had lost a lot of hair and more was coming out daily. I had 2 choices, try Dr. Singh or cut off what was left of my hair. So I took a chance. From the beginning, she was very supportive and patient. Explained my condition and gave me options. I decided on oral medicine and injections. Today 50% or more of my hair has returned. Bald spots have filled in, I have thickness and my length is growing out. 


Dr. Singh diagnosed my hair loss and provided a treatment plan. I've been able to slow the loss and continue to grow healthy hair. I can't thank you all enough.


As a woman with hair loss, Dr. Singh made me feel comfortable and validated. I strongly recommend her and her staff. 


I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Singh. She listens and doesn't shy away from complex issues. With each visit, she seeks to learn more, observing patterns and making notes of what works and what doesn't. She keeps asking questions and does it in a way that you feel like you're talking to a good friend. She never once dismissed me or expressed any doubt about what I was saying. 

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