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Meena Singh, MD

Dr. Meena Singh is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. She attended Harvard Medical School, trained at the Mayo Clinic, and completed a surgical fellowship in New York City. From there, she trained in Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Upon completing a fellowship with the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery under world-renowned surgeon Dr. Marc Avram, Dr. Singh trained in all areas of hair transplantation techniques including: strip excision, manual/motorized/robotic follicular unit extraction, as well as transplanting into scarring alopecias.


Dr. Singh also specializes in medical treatments for hair loss of all cosmetic and medical types. She is passionate about treating skin of color. Dr. Singh has performed clinical trials in laser hair stimulation, as well as studies in hair transplantation for scarring and non-scarring forms of hair loss. She has performed investigative studies on skin cancer in transplant recipients, as well as tissue engineering. She has numerous publications in multiple peer-reviewed dermatology journals, book chapters, and has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Additionally, she is a reviewer for the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and The Dermatologic Surgery Journal, and her blog articles have been published in online periodicals. Dr. Singh was also featured on the cover of New York Times.


Raised in Kansas City before leaving for school, she returned to the KC metro area with her three daughters to serve the needs of this community in her specialized issues of hair and skincare.


- Board-Certified Dermatologist

- Board-Certified Dermatologic Surgeon

- Mohs Micrographic Surgeon


- Harvard Medical School

- Mayo Clinic

- Society for Hair Restoration Surgery


- 40 under 40 Nationwide Leaders in Health,  Awarded by National Minority Quality Forum and Congressional Black Caucus

- Best of Kansas City Hair Restoration

- Top Doctor, Kansas City Dermatology

Featured In

Book Chapters: 


“Special Considerations in Hair Transplantation”,  Meena K. Singh, MD and Marc R. Avram, Procedural Dermatology, McGraw-Hill, New York, New York.


Journal Articles: 


“Technical Considerations for Follicular Unit Extraction in African American Hair”, Meena K. Singh, MD and Marc R. Avram, MD, Dermatologic Surgery 2013


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“Alopecia Universalis Induced by Herpes Zoster Infection,” Meena K. Singh, MD and Marc Avram, MD, Submitted for peer review 2012


“Risk of post-transplant skin cancer in patients of color,” M.K. Singh, J. Brewer, Submitted for peer review 2012


"Current approaches to skin cancer management in organ transplant recipients."  M.K. Singh, J. Brewer, Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery March 2011


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“Mycosis Fungoides with Secondary Primary Cutaneous ALK-1+ ALCL”, M.K. Singh, N. Comfere, To be submitted


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 “The Design and Use of Soybean Oil-Filled Breast Implants in Augmentation Mammioplasty,” M Singh, Illumin Engineering Journal, 6:ii, 2001

Hair loss consultations can be performed via telehealth from the comfort of your own home, or at one of our offices in the Kansas City metro area.

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