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Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Strip Excision

Strip Excision is typically recommended for individuals who wear their hair at least 1/2 centimeters long. It involves excising an area from the back of the scalp and closing the area with sutures, leaving a linear scar. The strip is then dissected into natural follicular groupings of 1-3 hairs. Typically more grafts can be harvested with this technique.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is generally recommended for individuals who wear their hair very short in the back, have a history of keloids or hypertrophic scars, or who do not desire a linear scar. This technique entails using a small tool to extract individual follicular groupings one at a time. Dr. Singh has also been trained in the use of the robotic FUE device, ARTAS. Once the grafts are harvested and trimmed, small incisions are made in the donor area and the individual grafts are placed one at a time. The procedure is performed outpatient under local anesthesia. The duration of the hair transplant depends on how many grafts are placed and the method of harvesting. However, you can expect for the surgery to take a half day. The grafts generally heal overnight. You can expect that the grafts will typically shed within 1-2 weeks, then slowly grow in over the next 9-12 months.

Eyebrow Transplant

Many individuals seek consultation for restoration of the eyebrows. They may have naturally sparse eyebrows or have over-tweezed or –plucked the area and simply want to thicken those areas. However, many have suffered from conditions, such as hypothyroidism or Alopecia Areata and desire complete eyebrow reconstruction.

Eyebrow transplantation is similar to hair transplantation, in that, follicular units are harvested from the back of the scalp and transplanted into the desired area. To appear as natural as possible, single hair follicular units are used. Because the hairs are taken from the scalp, the eyebrows will need to be trimmed every couple of weeks.

To determine if surgical hair treatment is right for you, contact KMC Hair Center at 913-631-6330 and speak with our team.



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